Terms and Conditions

Payment or Deposit required to start an order (non-refundable).  We accept cash, checks, and credit cards (VISA, Master Card, and Discover). Quotes are valid for 30 days.

We aim for two weeks after the order is placed for in-house production. Orders that are completed by our partner manufacturers and decorators are subject to their time frame. You will be given an estimate when you place your order.

Customer responsibility: Throughout the process of an order, various issues can pop up regarding the artwork or garments that you will need to address. (For example: if a certain garment color is out of stock, we would contact you and ask for an alternative option.) If we do not hear from you and do not resolve these issues in a timely manner, the turnaround time can be subject to delays.

In cases where our distributors have back ordered or discontinued certain garments, we can offer substitute garments for the out of stock items, or we can wait until the stock is replenished. Please keep in mind that turnaround time may be affected, resulting in delays.

With every order, we will provide a digital mock-up and 1 revision. If additional mockups are needed, the hourly artwork fee will be applied. It is the customer's responsibility to check the mock-up for any misspellings or other errors. This especially applies to designs that have a list of names. If everything looks right, please confirm with us that the artwork is ready for print.  If we do no hear from you in a timely manner, the turnaround time can be subject to delays.

Digital mockups give a general idea of what the product will look like, but do not exactly translate to the final product. If you have specific dimensions, Pantone colors, and print placement details in mind, please let us know. With these parameters, we will do our best to get as close as possible. If these details are not given to us, we may use our best judgment and will not be held responsible.

When customers pay for a screen setup, they are paying for the labor of applying the image to a screen, as well as setting up the job. The customer owns the artwork given, not the screen(s) itself.

After every job, we breakdown the screens, thus the minimums would apply to reorders are well. So please order a few extra garments if you feel that you may need them.

Choosing a garment is the customer’s responsibility. We cannot guarantee that the customer will like the garment they have chosen, but will guarantee the print. Customers are expected to do their own research (we can provide you with the resources) on garments in regards to size, color, and style. We encourage our customers to come in to our shop and examine available samples. If we do not stock a particular item, you may purchase a sample and have it shipped to our shop.

We have a standard misprint allowance of 2-3% per order and will not be held responsible for the misprints. You will not be billed for misprints, but please order a few extra shirts to compensate for this if exact quantities are required. 

We require our contract screen printing clients to provide a detailed list of items such as: style number, size breakdown, and color with each order.

The arts of engraving and apparel decorating are manual processes. There are countless variables that can make this process an imperfect one. Loading a t-shirt into our machine is a manual process, thus print locations will vary slightly from one to another and may not be perfectly straight. We do our best to print consistently, but the fact is that the garments themselves are imperfect.

This is the reality of screenprinting. In some cases, if we misprint on a garment we will not charge you for that item. We recommend ordering a few extra pieces if you need exact numbers to stay on the safe side.

In some rare cases that we have made a big error (like printing on the wrong garments, printing the wrong design, or printing on the wrong location), we will reprint the job for you.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.